Hi everyone. My name is Cortlynn and I am 12 years old. My sister is Cara and she is 9. We have two aunts that are really into paper crafts and we like it too. We have started doing more and more so we got a blog of our own. All of the images we get are from our aunts since we are too young to get them. Hope that is ok with you. Thanks for coming to visit us and we really, really like getting comments so please leave some for us. Hope you have a great day!

Monday, February 10, 2014


Hi everyone!  It's Cara and I'm back with some Valentine's treats.  Since I'm in 3rd grade we exchange Valentine's Day cards and you can add a treat if you want.  This year I wanted to make them myself.  My Aunt Becky and Aunt Robin and even my mommy helped me do these (but I did most the work).  

I started out by making the suckers with my mom at my house.  I'm making two different kinds.  One will be milk chocolate and the other white chocolate but it has a red color.  I melted the chocolate and poured it into the molds.  After they cooled off in the freezer I pulled them out to be wrapped.

Next I got to work with my Aunt Becky and Aunt Robin over at Aunt Becky's house. I cut out my cards with a Spellbinders scalloped die cut.  Then marked the spot for the holes the ribbon will go through.  After that I used a really big hole punch.  I can't remember the name but you can see it in the picture.  I stamped to and from on the card for the names.

I went back home to put it all together.  I write everyone's names on the cards and tie the sucker to the card with ribbons.

 Here are the finished treats.  I made a special one for my teacher with two suckers.  She's a great teacher so I wanted to do a special one for her.

 Well that was my first candy making experience.   I learned a lot and it was a lot of work.  I hope everyone likes them.

After we finished the cards my Aunt Becky let one of her birds out and put her on my head.  This is Smokey Joe.  She is an African Grey.  This was a little scary but I had fun.

I want to enter these challenges:

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